Accounts Receivable

Quick and accurate invoicing is vital to revenue and customer satisfaction. Neopost equipment and software helps finance departments automate invoice distribution through mail, email or on-line portal. Advanced robotic process automation speeds up payments and improves efficiency. 

Quick, Accurate and Flexible

  • Ensure your business sends the right documents to the right customer, at the right time
  • Manage multichannel distribution according to customer preference
  • Manage invoice production and distribution in house or outsource to our advanced facility
  • Automate payment processing to save time, improve cashflow and reduce error


Document Delivery Portal Service

The Document Delivery Portal (DDP) is an optional paid service for use with OMS- 500 Cloud and OnPremise. This powerful addition will allow your company to deliver any type of document via a secure and fully-personalised web portal.

The Document Delivery Portal removes the need for postal mail or registered mail, bringing your company further savings. With the traceability of documents through the portal, you can rest assured that all customer communications are being sent to the correct recipient and will not be compromised.

After choosing your Document Delivery Portal plan, you can begin customising your portal, inbox and emails. Once completed, you can start the process of transitioning your customers to e-delivery.

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Online customer document portal

Outsourced Mail

Neotouch is the simple way to manage all stages of mail production and distribution from your desk. You can easily send your communications via email, fax or text in addition to our traditional mail services. All it takes is a few clicks.


Intelligent Folder Inserters

Manage your bulk mailings with speed, accuracy and personalisation with an Intelligent Folder Inserter. Fill envelopes at least 13 times faster than by hand, all while ensuring the paper has been folded neatly and entered into the correct envelope. Built in intelligence manages correct collation, so the right documents always go to the right person. 


Folder inserter screen


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