Manage your Mail & Email

OMS-500 is user-friendly and flexible software that helps businesses sending more than 10 million documents per year to their customers. This intuitive, web based solution provides multichannel management helping you to enrich, manage and keep control of your customer communications. We offer an on premise or cloud solution to fit any business or organisation. 

Prepare, Enhance and Distribute your Documents

This easy-to-use software gives you full control over the preparation, enhancement and distribution of documents through one or more channels.

By connecting to your businesses management system (ERP, CRM, Microsoft document...), OMS 500 allows you to collate information and create complex documents following pre-defined business rules. This means you can send customers impactful communications, securely and cost-effectively; by physical post, standard or tracked email or through a web portal.

The solution will enable your business to ensure communication security and integrity, bringing reduced cost and increased flexibility of communication with customers, suppliers and employees.

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

Postage savings with grouping, batch printing, sorting and merging. Allows changes in real time without IT involvement. Leverages IT investments through ERP/CRM business process interfaces.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Make your customers feel special and build lasting relationships by sending them targeted, personalised and customised communication via their preferred channel.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Gain full control of your document preparation process to ensure the document is sent to the right recipient. You can also ensure the security of your documents with; audit trails, electronic signature and time stamping.

Expense control

Expense control

Reduce your operating costs by choosing to send via a digital channel and in turn save on postage and pre-printed stocks. You can also save by reducing IT costs and by centralising the preparation of documents from different locations or subsidiaries. 

Although Neopost fully installed all of our software, we have an Account Manager who is constantly in touch with us, keeping us updated on all the most recent releases to their software so that we’re not falling behind with anything and that we keep up to date with new develop...

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Operational efficiency

Easy to use and configure
User-friendly Graphical User Interface
End-to-end process management and automation
Supports standard input and output data formats:
pdf, PCL5, TNO, PostScript
Local installation or cloud, XML or CSV

Communications quality & security

Allows automated centralised document control across one or more channels 
Applies specified branding
Multi-lingual document management
Delivers info through recipients’ preferred channel:
web portal, standard or tracked email, printers and folder inserters
Supports integrity barcodes: OMR, BCR, 2D

Budget optimisation

Postal savings with grouping, batch printing , sorting, merging and support for Royal Mail Mailmark 
Allows changes in realtime without IT, agency/contractor or supplier involvement
Leverages IT investments through low cost and flexible integration to ERP/CRM systems

Easy to operate, quick job changes, highly prod...

Whatever your business requirements, the DS-120...

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