Advanced customer communications grow profits

Today, delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) through personalized omnichannel communications is essential to sustaining a competitive advantage, building customer loyalty and driving revenue.
However, when acting on customer experience opportunities, many large organizations face a number of challenges including departmental silos, legacy systems and changing market regulations. This is where an advanced customer communications management platform comes in.  It integrates your communications as never before. From managing personalised outbound communications, to interacting on line with customers  to archiving and managing compliance. Multichannel communications software makes connections across your business -- across departments, media, sites, centre and remote workers. 

“The dynamic electronic account statement designed by Inspire is beautiful and informative. Account statements are a bridge between us and our customers. Precision marketing through automatic push advertising enables us to provide customers with relevant product information. Interactive coordination helps us to make whole-process preview a reality, which is really constructive for improving the internal communication and working efficiency of Fubon Bank. ”
—Ms. Ye Lifang, Director of Personal Finance Department, Fubon Bank

Inspire is the answer

Inspire from Quadient (a Neopost Company) is an enterprise CCM platform that will completely transform interactions with customers. Recognised as a market leader by respected analysts Gartner and Forester, Inspire helps organisations around the world to transition to digital communications, and improve engagement with customers across the entire customer journey.  It is used in a wide range of industries including Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Utilities and Service providers: 

  • Increase agility and reduce compliance risk. 
  • Improve the customer journey and create personalized digital experiences. Enable quicker response times and easier two-way interactions
  • Make every customer contact valuable for your business, from data capture to on-boarding and billing. Add value to every marketing, transactional or operational document 
  • Use the medium the customer prefers
  • Present a consistent and professional image through a library of document templates 


Control and compliance

Control and compliance

  • Approved templates empower business users 

  • Automatically route communications through an approval process before distribution

  • Guide customer service representatives through each communication 

  • Compliance personnel can manage, track and approve communications 

  • Consistently apply brand, terms and messages across all customer touchpoints 

  • ‘Change once apply everywhere’ keeps up with changing regulations and brand guidelines  

  • Content blocks can be locked down to ensure they meet government and regulatory requirement

Speed up the customer experience

Speed up the customer experience

  • Bring new products to market ahead of the competition 

  • Quickly deliver communications that include data pre-populated from your core systems 

  • Subject matter experts can make instant changes with Remote Authoring

  • Agents can tailor communications with templates and guided interview pages

  • Simplify & speed up customer transactions – a complete digital experience integrates e-forms, e-signatures, mobile.

  • Data capture and pre-populated fields means faster processing of application forms, mandates, updates.  

  • Inspire gives control to the customer through mobile & self service fulfilment
Build better customer connections

Build better customer connections

  • Increase customer engagement and contract completion with mobile push notifications and digital signatures 

  • Satisfy the needs of mobile users with interactive and device-friendly statements 

  • Position up-sell and cross-sell promotions tailored to the unique needs of your clients  

  • Integrate designs across physical and digital media regardless of the device used
  • Improve on-boarding experience with simplified propositions, welcome kits, and support journeys with digital output 
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

  • Simplified template creation, versioning, editing and approvals, and  one platform for Multi-channel design and proofing 

  • Digitise new journeys faster -- Save days with automated approval processes.   

  • Minimise costly IT work -- Inspire can be easily itegrated with legacy core systems 

  • Single user interface/skillset/design for multi-channels cuts design time & development costs
  • Legacy design & content can be re-used for new channels, so existing templates can be repurposed for other channels
Inspire Dynamic Communications allows Achmea to add video, graphics, charts and other visually engaging design elements.

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