Your communications say a lot about your organisation

Customers appreciate well designed documents, personalised communications and perfect presentation. So getting your communications right is a great way to build customer loyalty and acquire new customers. But it's not just about the quality of your communications. Well managed processes can be cheaper, quicker and more efficient too. Neopost equipment and software optimise communications across mail, email and SMS. Whatever you send, however you send it, we can help!

CREATE accurately addressed and well designed mail

  • Enhance address accuracy so you can cut wasted mailings and improve deliverability and return on investment
  • Design attractive documents and marketing materials

PRODUCE personalised and impactful communications

  • Personalise content so the right message goes to the right person
  • Fill envelopes quickly and accurately

  • Overprint envelopes with names, addresses and marketing messages
  • Centralise mail fulfilment to improve productivity

DISTRIBUTE via mail or email, according to customer preference

  • Optimise postage discounts
  • Schedule emails
  • Manage communications across mail, email and SMS