Technical Resources Manager

Working in a bakery, I soon got fed up with the ridiculously early starts and odd hours. I aspired to get into the engineering industry - and after talking with a neighbour, found out about Neopost (and the more civilised working conditions!). I joined as a customer service rep but, soon after, went for a promotion. I was getting married and had suddenly discovered how expensive my world was about to become...Then, when we wanted to get a house away from the area, Neopost offered me an engineering role in Manchester - perfect! It really is a flexible company to work for.


Today, as a product technical specialist, I answer questions from our engineers, salespeople and marketers - I'm the company's expert on my portfolio of products. The role often takes me to Europe, where I test equipment that's in development and give my opinions, and around the UK training our engineers. I contribute not only to product development, but to service improvement - it's a great, multi-faceted role.