Business Analyst

I started working at Neopost when I was just 21. I had been working as a waitress and had no office experience, so I was delighted to be given an opportunity within the Helpdesk, which at the time was a much smaller team dedicated only to technical assistance. Within a year or so I had been chosen as a part of the first contact centre team, a group of cross-trained agents who could assist a customer as a single point of contact.


A short time later I was approached by the Customer Services Director and asked if I would consider a telesales position. I hadn't worked in a sales environment since my days selling double glazing while at college (we've all been there!) so I thought it would be worth a shot. I was trained on the job and had two good years in the department before deciding sales wasn't really the direction I wanted to take - I've always been quite technically minded and hoped that I would eventually end up in a position where I could really use my skills.


Cue the Marketing department - a manager I had worked for previously had a position in his team open up for a Data Specialist. I held the position for a year before taking my current post as Business Analyst - the roles are similar, but I now have more responsibility and more scope for analysis and interpretation.


Since starting in the Marketing department almost three years ago, I've had the opportunity to attend several training courses, mostly on MS Office programs like Excel and Access, and I also feel like I've learned a great deal about the company and business in general as I've moved around the company. In terms of career progression I really couldn't have asked for more - I've worked hard and increased my working knowledge and it's been rewarded. I hope I can continue to further my career at Neopost in the future.