Waste Management

Reducing and re-using


Through investment in efficient systems and careful control of our processes we will minimise our waste and avoid landfill wherever it is practical to do so.



  • Limit the amount of waste sent to landfill by reducing consumption and increasing recycling. On average, our machines are up to 78% recyclable.






Ink Recycling


Neopost ink cartridges are specially formulated to comply with Royal Mail specifications and are not hazardous to the environment. To reduce landfill, we introduced a new system for recycling addressing and franking ink cartridges. This FREE service gives our customers a postage paid envelope to return used cartridges. More than one cartridge can be sent back at once, reducing the carbon from transport used.



Products and Packaging


Through a massive upgrade of our product range, we're now using 44% less material and 10.5% fewer components than before. We've reduced packaging by 7%, and it is now 100% cardboard and fully recyclable. We lobby suppliers to design for recycling, minimum energy usage and minimum packaging. We re-use parts and machines where possible and recycle as much of the remaining material as we can.