21 April 2016

Savings in Postal Communications – How the Public Sector can take advantage of developments in postal products and services.

Every year public sector organisations spend more than £650 million on transactional and ad hoc mailings. Despite growing use of electronic messaging, public sector bodies and providers of public services, such as housing associations, depend on effective postal communications to raise revenue, deliver efficient services and interact with the public.

Trusted, Flexible and reliable, printed mail is far and away the most inclusive medium and the most effective way to reach all members of the community.

Savings are not just the product of better buying practises. Liberalisation of the postal market and the development of sophisticated hardware and software solutions, including digital mailrooms and integrated systems that unify electronic and physical mail, deliver efficiencies in other areas including:

  • Postal costs,
  • Employee Productivity ,
  • Communications effectiveness,
  • Process management.