21 April 2016

Postal and Communications Strategies – within Higher Education

Higher education institutions depend on physical mail and digital messaging to communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders, from students, parents and alumni to staff, associates and suppliers. Each group had its own needs and preferences, which organisations must meet if they are to deliver the quality of service required to attract the best students, teaching staff and funding.

Not surprisingly, communications is a major cost for universities and colleges. The Crown Commercial Services (CCS) has calculated that the education sector spend more than £80 million per annum on postal costs alone.

At a time when public sector organisations are being asked to reduce their carbon footprint and cut costs, digital and postal communications have come under greater scrutiny. The CCS has started that smarter procurement could cut mailing cost by 9-30%. Eliminating waste and reducing mail volumes will also help the higher education sector meet its target of 43% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 (from 2005 levels).