21 February 2017

Get the Digital Skills your Business Needs in 2017

Get the Digital Skills your Business Needs in 2017

The first three months of a calendar year are critical to a business’ success in that year. Last year saw crippling uncertainty; in 2017 businesses will continue to be challenged by an unsettled market environment. To improve their capability to compete, this quarter businesses can look to technology and raising their workforce’s digital skills.

A Lack of Digital Skill is Restricting Growth

Businesses that replace manual ways of working with digital solutions can expect to save time and cost, work more efficiently and improve customer service. But many businesses are held back from gaining these benefits through a lack of digital skills. In fact, UK government figures show the technology skills gap affects nearly half (49 percent) of small and medium-sized businesses while 57 percent of US respondents to a BMC survey believe they will have to learn how to use new software and applications.  

The right digital skills and technology can equip a business to: 

  1. Get the most out of customer data by keeping this most valuable asset up to date
  2. Manage every stage of the sales process eff¬ectively and shorten quote-to-cash
  3. Reduce administration costs through automation
  4. Improve invoice management 
  5. Maximize cash flow by staying on top of due payments. 

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