15 August 2016

Get closer to your customers with CRM

In this guide, we focus on how businesses can manage sales and marketing processes more efficiently, get closer to their customers and take full advantage of reduced sales cycle. 

Whatever business you're in, you know your customers are at the heart of it. 50% of UK organisations still use manual processes and spreadsheets to chart and manage their customer's interactions how much impact could a well chosen CRM solution have ? Here are four questions to ask yourself about how your company connects with its customers when looking for a way to reach the next level.

  1. Where is your next customer coming from?
  2. How can you personalise your approach?
  3. Who's accountable for the customer?
  4. How easy is it to share information with / about the customer?

our guide details the elements that arfe at your disposal for a Better CRM and how to get there.