Socitm conference demonstrates Scotland’s drive for a digital future

Socitm conference demonstrates Scotland’s drive for a digital future


In November, we attended and spoke at Socitm Scotland 2016, Edinburgh. The conference focused on the digital future of Scotland’s public sector, and brought together leading companies and experts who discussed how technology is shaping frontline services.

Better service; lower cost

The public sector touches almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives. Today it finds itself under growing pressure to provide better service, all the while cutting costs. It’s not an easy balancing act but digital technology is increasingly being considered as the solution.

Public sector embraces digital

It was pleasing to see that digital transformation is really being driven up the public sector’s agenda. We had many meaningful chats with IT leaders about the technology and cultural challenges they face when adopting digital, and what can be done to overcome them.

We also led a masterclass on the role of communications in channel shifting and citizen engagement. A more effective and streamlined use of digital communications will remove the reliance on paper and manual processes, delivering a better service for citizens. The team engaged with attendees and provided them with best practice on how they can accelerate digital technology adoption.

The talk also included an overview of a Neopost commissioned survey on the current state of digital transformations in the public sector, they discussed successful case studies and common barriers.

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