How to Create, Produce and Post your Direct Mail

How to Create, Produce and Post your Direct Mail


Direct mail is the perfect communications tool for raising awareness of your business, promoting your products, services and special offers and building customer relationships. In the first blog in this series on how to create effective direct mail campaigns we covered the first three stages of planning, budgeting and data. Here, we look at creative, production and postage.

Compelling creative

There are lots of fancy ways to get creative with direct mail these days, so many in fact that it can be a bit overwhelming. Yes, you need to grab your audience’s attention but don’t forget that a well written letter with a strong offer may do just the job. It all depends on your market, your brand and making the kind of impression you want.

Get it right and your direct mail could be among the ones that 48% of people retain for future reference – and that’s a nice position to be in – so it’s worth spending time on:

  • The proposition – is it the same for all recipients, or targeted? Is it simple and easy to understand?
  • The offer – it’s a good idea to test which incentives work best for your market
  • Copywriting and design – take inspiration from examples of direct mail you think work to brief your copywriter/design agency
  • Testing – try things out to see what works
  • The call to action – be clear about how the recipient can respond.

Smooth production

There are three elements to producing your direct mail:

  • 1.Printing – of the mailer itself and the envelope
  • 2.Personalisation – there is so much that digital printing technology allows you to do to personalise your mailing for your recipients
  • 3.Folding and inserting – folder inserters are 13 times faster than stuffing by hand and present your mail professionally. Neopost can help with this, have a look at our folder inserters page.

Efficient postage

Postage can take up a fair proportion of your budget if it isn’t fully thought through. Being clever about the size of your mailing (A5 and under is more cost
effective) and batch quantity (over 500 items in a single mailing will attract a discount) will definitely help but to save up to 51% on postage costsfranking is the way to go. As well as saving cost, it saves time and looks more professional too. To find out more take a look at our franking machines.

In our concluding blog, we’ll explore response handling and measurement. But you don’t have to wait until then, you can find out more by downloading our Practical Guide to Creating Effective Direct Mail Campaigns (where you’ll find further information on how to execute your campaign and will also find sources of the statistics quoted in this blog).

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