Discover how to ‘automate your customer onboarding’ with our free webinar

How to ‘automate your customer onboarding’.


Customer onboarding – the process of taking a customer from interest in your product or service to being up and running – needs to be as smooth as possible. This is your business’ opportunity to establish a customer relationship that will hopefully last and be profitable.

This isn’t something your business can afford to get wrong. If your offering has already convinced the customer, you don’t want to lose their business by subjecting them to an inconvenient, lengthy or disjointed process of getting them on board. This means defining a smooth on-boarding process irrespective of which channel the customer approaches you from – mobile, web and physical stores. It also requires your back-end systems to be joined up so you have one view of the customer and can service them better. 

This essential business process is the topic of our upcoming webinar with Dean Francis, senior business consultant with Data Capture Solutions (a Neopost company) which specialises in making technology simple to meet business needs, and Antony Paul, Marketing Manager, Neopost.

Join us on 19th October to learn:

  • What onboarding means today
  • How new media and customer expectations have changed onboarding.
  • Examples of customer on boarding – the good and the bad
  • The technology that will help you build stronger relationships with your customers and potential customers
  • Sketching the ideal customer journey

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