Customer satisfaction results reveal Neopost’s dedication to improving customer experience

Results reveal Neopost’s improving customer experience


Customer satisfaction is a key success factor for any business. It ensures customers enjoy their experience and are inspired to return. As such, we place a great emphasis on satisfying customers – it’s one of the key principles underpinning our business.

Of course, it’s very easy to simply claim that we’re improving customer satisfaction so, twice a year for the past eight, we’ve carried out surveys to see how we measure up. Since the survey’s inception, we’ve taken great strides towards improving our offering, but in the last 12 months we’ve achieved significant improvements in all areas.

The diagram below shows the ten most important elements of service, and you can see Neopost (the outer circle) exceeded its major rival (inner circle) comprehensively in each aspect. Overall, we’ve driven up satisfaction and decreased dissatisfaction.

These results provide an important message; we remain committed to investing in our UK operations, continually improving customer experience and refreshing our product portfolio. While we’ve made great strides forward, there is still room for improvement and we won’t lose this focus.

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