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Political extremists, terror groups, and even disgruntled former employees pose a serious threat to businesses and organisations across Europe. The recent Paris letter bomb attack and suspicious package containing white powder sent to Vanquis Bank call centre in Chatham underlines the importance of screening items and people entering your premises.

Is your Organisation Protected?

Incoming mail could contain risks to your business and employees.  As an employer, Health & Safety regulations commit you to:

  • Carry out a risk assessment 
  • Act on findings to protect employees, visitors and the public from harm

With many employees now specifying their work address for deliveries of personal packages, the task of screening for risk is made even more difficult. 

Safe and Efficient Ways to Handle Incoming Mail

For as little as £15 per week Neopost security scanners help meet your duty of care obligations to employees by identifying potentially dangerous items:

  • Explosive devices 
  • Organic and inorganic materials
  • Powder based threats

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