Avoid unnecessary costs this summer by franking your mail right every time

Avoid unnecessary costs this summer by franking your mail right every time


Royal Mail see a higher number of mistakes made during the holidays.  By choosing the right options and avoiding mistakes when using your franking machine to send mail, you will save time and money.  We’re here to help you frank correctly first time every time.

Helping everyone get up to speed

Royal Mail often see large letters franked as letters, or international items being posted as though they’re going to a UK destination.  If you have temporary staff covering annual leave, take time to train them on the different mail sizes.

Top tips for saving time and money when you’re franking

Here are a few tips from Royal Mail on how you can frank you mail right every time this summer:-

Watch out for those large letters

If you loosely fold lots of sheets of paper into an envelope, it could push a letter into the large letter category.

Try this ....

Go over the differences between letters and large letters with staff so you’re not underpaying.  You’ll find all the info on weights and sizes at www.royalmail.com/size

Train temporary staff

Mistakes peak during summer and Christmas holidays when temporary staff are covering annual leave.

Try this .....

Make sure they understand the sizes for a letter, large letter and parcel.  You could print out the sizes and put them next to your franking machine.  Find all the information on weights and sizes at www.royalmail.com/size

Keep UK and international mail separate

If the letters on top of a pile are for the UK, it’s easy to frank international letters lower down the pile as UK mail too. 

Try this ...

Use separate trays for UK and international mail. It also saves staff having to sort through each pile of mail.

For more tips visit www.royalmail.com/franking

To find out more about Neopost’s range of franking machines visit https://www.neopost.co.uk/equipment/franking-machines


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