Our ethics

Our Code of Ethics provides an ethical framework on which we base our decisions and conduct our business.  
It includes references to relevant Neopost requirements, practices and other helpful tools and resources.
Every employee in every Neopost company, regardless of his or her individual role, position or entity,
must follow our Code of Ethics when working for or representing Neopost. We also expect and encourage
our business partners and suppliers to act in a way that is consistent with our Code.


Our Values

Focus on customers

At Neopost we believe that great employees create happy customers. Together, we pursue a common goal of serving our customers with passion, to provide them with the means to drive business faster and more effectively. As a faithful partner customers can trust 100%, we are always there to support, reassure and guide them through any business communication management challenge. We listen with empathy to our customers’ concerns and respond rapidly to their needs. We never give up until the customer’s problem is solved and we follow up by maintaining a long-term relationship.

Foster Teamwork

We believe in full commitment, not half-measures. Our success, as well as that of our customers, can only be accomplished when we respect each other and act as a community to achieve our goals. We put team goals first and develop a culture that fosters and rewards collaborative behavior. We believe that growth is the outcome of people working together, sharing and learning from each other.

Promote innovation

We are creative, resourceful and empowered to act in new ways. We are not afraid to take a risk and we are always ready to try something new. We are open to new ideas, so that we can continuously respond to customers’ evolving needs and strive for excellence. We understand that learning is a process of experimentation, assessment and adjustment. This entrepreneurial spirit enables us to be a proactive partner, helping our customers master new technology and seize new business opportunities.

Drive to succeed

Every second counts, execution and performance are paramount. We work hard, debate passionately and respectfully, and once a decision is made, we execute together. We remain flexible, using our experience and expertise to adapt to new challenges and situations, and to identify new opportunities for our customers. We are accountable for the tasks we carry out, encouraged to go one step further and exceed expectations, and do not compromise on quality.