Mailing Equipment

All Neopost machines support Mailmark - the next generation of franking from Royal Mail, ensuring that your franked mail costs are as low as possible.

Mailmark Franking Machines
Folder Inserters with Output Management Software

Our range provides solutions from a desktop machine filling 1350 envelopes per hour up to modular production mail workhorses that fill 12000 envelopes per hour. Combine with our Output management software that applies barcodes to documents to manage envelope content.

it’s important for any business to open mail and deliver to the right person as quickly as possible. With a Neopost Letter Opener, you can open up to 2,400 envelopes per hour. 

Letter Openers
Envelope Printing Machines

Directly printing names and addresses onto envelopes is an easy way to personalise your mail without applying labels. Envelope printers can also apply marketing messages for impactful mail and advanced printing technology delivers imagery of the highest quality. 

Inbound Parcel Management

Track parcels and important mail items in real-time, from their arrival on the premises through handover to the end recipient. Automatically alert recipients on delivery status and location.

Web Tracking System (WTS)
Incoming Parcel Security

Our full range of Security Scanners enable any organisation to protect their employees and premises from harmful threats contained in incoming mail or parcels.