Machine Operations

Paying a Royal Mail Surcharge

Click here for more information on paying a Royal Mail surcharge and entering an amount manually.

Rate Selection

Click here for more information on franking your post, including sending items internationally, using Special and Recorded delivery and how to post your franked mail.

Changing to a LAN connection

Click here for more information on how to change to a LAN connection.

Weighing issues

Click here for more information on weighing issues.

Machine displays 'No Services' / 'S' / 'E'

Click here for more information on machine displays.

Connecting errors

Click here for all connection errors.

Printing & Ink Cartridge problems

Click here for all Printing and Ink cartridge problems.

User Guide for specific model

You can find all kinds of useful information, including a user guide on the information page.

What is my administrator password?

Your administrator password is specific to the computer that you're using. Your IT department should be able to help you out with this.

What is the minimum amount of credit I can load onto my franking machine?

There is no minimum amount when you make a payment into your Credifon account but the funds will then need to be downloaded onto your franking machine.

If your machine is one of the following models, the minimum recrediting amount is £10: IJ25, IS-200 series (IS-240, IS-280), Autostamp.

For all other machine models the minimum recrediting amount is £50. You can then increase this in increments of £10, for example £60, £70, etc.

Where can I find my machine serial number?

You can find your machine serial number (also known as a Die number or licence number) on any franked mail. You can see an example of this by clicking here.

Where can I find my machine PIN?

Please click here to chat to Nina, our Virtual Assistant who can help you obtain your PIN.

How do I complete a generic call on my franking machine?

Please click here for information on how to complete a generic call.

How do I change the printed date?

In order to date advance your mail, please follow the steps below. Please note, post must be sent on the date printed. 

If you are using an IS/IN range machine please select 'Menu' from the home screen. Choose the option for Imprint and then select 'Date'. You can now choose how many days ahead you want to go, then press the home button and frank your items. 

If you are using an IJ25 please press 'Menu' and scroll to 'Date'. Press 'OK' and choose the date you wish to frank, press 'OK' again then frank. 

If you are using a different IJ machine please select 'Imprint' in the menu and the choose the date you want, you may need to select the option for 'List' and then the date.

How do I clear a 'passthrough not printing' message?

If your machine is displaying a 'pass through not printing' message this can usually be resolved by rebooting the machine. To do this please switch the machine off at the plug socket for at least 30 seconds and then switch the machine back on.

Weighing feature threshold reached

This message means that the item is too heavy for your scales. Please weigh the item separately to find the weight of the item in grams and enter the weight manually on the machine by selecting 'Menu', then 'Batch settings' and then weighing type. You will see the option for manual weight entry, you can then enter the weight of the item into the machine in grams. Please press 'Ok' to confirm and the home button and you can frank.

Meter Reset Forbidden

A 'Meter reset forbidden' message usually means that your machine has had a connection error when recrediting. To clear this please try again to recredit your machine.

How do I clear a 'memory limit reached' message on my machine?

Memory limit reached appears when it is time to upload the data from your machine onto our server, freeing up some memory. To do this please make sure that your franking machine is connected to the telephone line. Press 'Menu', scroll to 'Online services' and then choose 'Upload stats'. Once this connection has completed your machine should be ready to use.

How do I clear a 'warning, inspection required' message on my machine?

Your IJ range franking machine will need to make a connection to our server every 90 days, when this is due your machine will display a message stating 'Warning, inspection required'. To clear this, please make sure your machine is connected to the phone line. Press the money bag button and enter the amount to add as zero, once the connection has completed your machine will be ready to use.


My machine is displaying a 'server call' message how do I fix this?

If your machine is displaying a 'server call' message and seems to be frozen on this screen, please unplug the machine from the power supply and leave for one minute before plugging back in.

Why does the date change at 5pm on my Mailmark franking machine?

The date on your Mailmark machine will change to the next day at 5pm every evening. This is a requirement from Royal Mail. You will still be able to post your franked mail as usual because the exact date and time is included within the 2D bar code on the frank.