What is Royal Mail tariff change?

When Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide change their pricing, your Quadient franking machine needs to be updated with the new tariff. Royal Mail and Quadient inform you in advance of an upcoming tariff change so you can ensure the correct postal tariffs are being used.
This process involves one of the following:

  • Installing a new tariff chip in your Quadient scale 
  • Loading a tariff card onto your franking machine
  • Downloading the new tariff rates from our website
When do I need to download/install the new tariff?

The download is normally available 5 working days before the effective date, and can be downloaded beforehand. The new tariff automatically becomes live on the tariff change date. Tariff cards work in exactly the same way as downloads, they can be pre-loaded, and the old file will automatically be deleted on the effective date. We will send you the chip within 5 working days of the tariff change date, the tariff chips need to be installed on the effective date. 

What if I don't update my machine with the new tariff?

You may overfrank or underfrank your mail, and therefore overpay or underpay for your mailings, and potentially delay your business critical mail. If you underfrank your mail you could be liable to surcharges, plus the difference per item. It is also the customer’s responsibility to have an up to date tariff installed in their franking equipment. Failure to use the correct tariff may render the franking equipment inoperable. Further information from Royal Mail Scheme for franking letters and parcels 2015.

Will I be charged for an updated tariff?

This will depend on the type of service agreement you have with us. We contact all customers explaining the level of cover they have subscribed to.

I have loaded my card/chip and an error message has come up saying- will not load/ load not allowed/ Bad card

Please send an email tariffchange@neopost.co.uk our admin team will order a replacement.

I am trying to download the new tariff file for my machine, however my download has failed.

Please turn the machine off but make sure the connection is plugged in. Retry a generic call (instructions can be found here) If this still fails please call 0845 880 0000.

Where can I get a complete list of Royal Mail prices?

You can find a complete list of current Royal Mail prices here.

How do I know if my machine has been updated with the new tariff?

After you have completed the download or loaded the rate chip into your machine there will be no change to the prices until the effective date (the 23rd March 2020). Please check the rates in your machine on the 23rd to ensure that they have been updated.

Will my machine update automatically with the new tariff?

Your machine will not update automatically. In order to update the tariff you will need to complete a generic call on the machine or load a rate chip. Please click here for instructions on how to do this and remember to check the new rates on your machine after the 23rd March.

How do I download the new tariff?

You can find instructions on how to update your franking machine with the new prices by clicking here