Why did we decide to rebrand Neopost?

Communications have changed, with rapid growth in digital and on-line interactions and parcel volumes.  The Neopost portfolio has changed to help our customers efficiently manage personalised multichannel communications and connect better with customers.  A new name symbolizes this change and underpins our future growth strategy. Bringing our entire solution and brand portfolio together into a single brand will simplify interactions with our customers.

Will the email addresses change?

Yes, our email addresses will change but the existing Neopost addresses will still work. 

Is the IBAN number changing?

No, our IBAN number remains the same only the name will change. 

Quadient UK Limited
3rd Floor Press Centre,
Here East,
14 East Bay Lane,
E15 2GW

Quadient UK Limited
Sort code: 40-05-20
Account number: 71884301
IBAN: GB39HBUK40052071884301

Will the company bank details change?

No, our bank details remain the same. 

When exactly is the name going to change officially?

We want to conduct ourselves as Quadient starting on September 23, 2019. Our goal is to fully change the name come February 1, 2020, across all of our physical and digital assets.


Why are we using Quadient and not a new name?

Quadient is an existing Neopost asset and is used by our Customer Experience Management team. It made no sense to go through the process of creating a new brand when we already owned this unique and modern brand that could reflect our strategy and resonate in the many years to come. 


What does the word Quadient mean?

Quad means 4. Quadient solutions help organisations manage the 4 key media – mail, email, on-line and parcels.  Quad also addresses four key elements driving customer connections today:

  • Online commerce
  • Secure delivery
  • Regulations
  • Enhanced personalization
How long will we keep the Neopost brand in market?

We don’t have a definitive date of when the Neopost brand will disappear from the market. We are committed to changing all new physical and digital assets by Q1 2020 – ensuring everything new is using the new brand.


Does the brand change mean we are going away from Mail Related Solutions and Hardware?

Absolutely not. We are fully committed to supporting and investing in our mail-related business Quadient is a solutions-driven organization. Our solutions include hardware, software and services. Quadient is not moving away from hardware products.


Are we changing our customer support channels?

No. All the current support channels remain the same. We are 100% focused on servicing our customers across all products and regions. Our customers will NOT see any disruption in service or support.


Do I need to make any changes to my mail machine because it prints Neopost indicia?

No changes will be required.

How does this change affect my customer account?

We don’t expect any changes to your customer account. However, you will be notified if any adjustments become necessary. We are committed to avoiding any disruption to your service or the way you do business with us.


How does this change affect my postage funding account?

We don’t expect any changes to your postage funding account. However, you will be notified if any adjustments become necessary.


How will this affect MyNeopost?

At this point there are no changes to MyNeopost.  You will be notified well in advance of any changes that could impact your access to the portal.


Do I need to change the company name on my remit payments?

At this point there are no changes to how you remit payments. You will be notified when a change is necessary and will be provided sufficient time to make any adjustments


How does this impact any agreements or contracts I have signed with Neopost?

All agreements and contracts will remain the same. You will be notified if contracts for your jurisdiction need to be modified.


Will the Company Registration Number or VAT number change when the name changes?



Are you renaming/rebranding “Neo” products (Neotouch, Neostats, Neoslogan)?

We are currently not planning to rebrand all our products that begin with Neo. Our customers relate to these products, and changing them in the short-term will cause confusion and uncertainty. The goal for the next 12-18 months is to assure our customers that we are 100% committed to supporting them.


How are we making sure all customers are aware of the rebrand?

All customers will be receiving an email explaining the new brand and reassuring them about the continuity of our business relations. In addition, we will be sending regular emails to our customer base to build awareness and alert where actions are required. We will also update our social media channels and websites.


Are we going to have a new Website?

Yes. One of the objectives of the rebrand project is to communicate with a unified vision and voice.  All Neopost sites (including current Quadient and Neopost-Group) will be targeted to move to one Website by April-1-2020. The address for the Website will be www.quadient.com and countries will have a www.quadient.xx domain name. The regional Websites will be part of the global site. More details will be shared as we approach Feb-1-2020.


What happens to the current Neopost social media accounts?

Social media will be a key digital platform reflecting our new brand. The migration from Neopost-branded pages to Quadient-branded pages will be initiated as soon as September 23. In the meantime, the Neopost pages will be carrying a ‘Soon to be Quadient’ logo.


How will employees keep up with branding project?

We are deploying a new employee engagement digital platform to keep all employees across the globe up to date with the project, and everything else happening in the Company.


What if someone sends an email to a Neopost email address after Feb-1-2020, will it be received? If yes for how long?

Yes. All emails sent to Neopost email addresses will be properly distributed to the recipient. We plan to support this for at least (24) months, if not longer.


Are we changing commercial agreements and contracts on September 23?

No. All agreements and contracts will remain the same until further notice.