Arrange collection of Franking Machine

If you have upgraded to a new Quadient machine or you have already spoken to us about cancelling your contract, a member of the Withdrawals team will be in contact within two weeks to arrange a collection of your equipment. If you would like to tell us sooner than this that your equipment is ready for collection, please fill in this form.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

If you have received a marketing email from Quadient and wish to unsubscribe, please click on 'Unsubscribe' at the bottom of the email.

What is your company VAT number?

For Quadient UK Ltd (service, consumables) the VAT number is GB597265489 or for Quadient Finance UK Ltd (Leasing), the VAT number is GB337469470.

How can I get in contact with you?

Click here to get in touch with us.

How do I download the PC Meter Link software?

To download the PC meter link (PCML) software, please make sure that the franking machine is disconnected from the PC and turned off, then click here to begin the download. The file will start to download at the bottom of the web page. When complete, please open the file and follow the steps to install the software. You will be prompted to connect and switch on the franking machine. If the install fails, please make sure that you have administration rights for the PC and check that the download hasn't been blocked by antivirus software.

Where can I find my machine serial number?

You can find your machine serial number (also known as a Die number or licence number) on any franked mail. You can see an example of this by clicking here.