How do I create an account?

To create a MyQuadient account you will need your account number and post code, once you have these click here and we will take you to the registration page where you can enter your details.

Once you have registered you will recieve an email with instructions on how to set up a secure password. Once you have done this, your account will be ready to use! 

The first time you log in you will be presented with the MyQuadient terms and conditions, please remember to accept these.


Where can I find my Account number?

Your account number is located on any invoice or statement from Quadient, here is an example of where to find it.

What features are available on my account?

Your personalised MyQuadient account will give you access to a range of useful features 24/7, for example you can:

  • Access copies of invoices and statements 
  • Make credit and debit card payments for invoices and postage
  • View and analyse machine activity reports 
  • Update your contact and address details 
  • Log technical support requests


I've forgotten my password, how can I reset this?

If you have forgotten your password we can easily reset it for you. Simply click 'forgot password' underneath the password field and follow the instructions, alternatively you can click here. You will then receive an email with a link to set up a new secure password.



Why do I need to accept the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions allow Quadient to personalise your MyNeopost account and access your machine data. This is completly secure, Quadient will not be able to access any sensitive information.

The terms and conditions will need to be accepted before you can use your MyQuadient account.

How do I access my image library?

To access your NeoSlogan image library simply log into your MyQuadient account and select ‘Access NeoSlogan’ from the ‘My Applications’ section.

What is NeoStats?

NeoStats is a powerful reporting solution to track your franking machine activity online (IN and IS LAN connected machines). You can access NeoStats by logging into your MyQuadient account, or click to find out more about NeoStats.

Where is the ‘My Applications’ section?

 'My applications’ is found on the MyQuadient dashboard near the bottom of the page. Click here to log in to your MyQuadient account.

I have not registered for a MyQuadient account

If you haven't registered for a MyQuadient account yet you can do this quickly and easily on the Register for a MyQuadient Account page or you can find out more about the benefits of MyQuadient here.

If you haven't registered for a MyQuadient account yet you can do this quickly and easily on the Register for a MyQuadient Account page or you can find out more about the benefits of MyQuadient here.

Where can I find my documents?

To access your documents within MyQuadient simply log into your online portal. Once you are logged in please select 'View My Invoices' within the 'My Account' section near the top of the page.

How do I add a site to MyQuadient?

If you have machines at more than one location or you have a separate billing account you can access these from the same MyQuadient account. To add a site just log into your account, select 'View My Equipment' and then use the drop down list located near the top of the page to select 'Add Location'. You will need the account number and postcode of the sites you wish to add. Here is an example of where to find your account number.

What is my username?

Your username is the email address that you used to register for your MyQuadient account. Click here to register or if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

How do I log out of the website?

To log out of MyQuadient just hover on your name at the top of the page and then select 'Log out'.

What internet browser can I use?

Quadient Business Apps portal and Quadient Web-based software are supported by the following browsers:

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 10 & 11
Mozilla® Firefox® Version 47 and later
Google® Chrome® Version 47 and later

Note: If you are using a browser other than the ones listed, you will likely experience a less than optimal viewing experience and may experience issues.