Blast Containment

Blast containment equipment safely isolates suspected explosive devices to protect staff and property. Neopost offers you a selection of 3 Suspect Packages Isolation units that will mitigate damage to your people and property in the event of an explosion.


Mailsafe 110 Box

Mailsafe 110 Box

Unlike traditional bins that direct the force of a blast upwards, the Mailsafe 110 actually contains 90% of the explosive pressure. By safely isolating the suspect device, evacuation can be completed from the immediate area without undue risk. Should an explosive device detonate in the Mailsafe, damage to personnel and property in the vicinity of the unit will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Bomb Bin

Bomb Bin

The Bomb Bin is designed to protext property and personnel from the blast and fragmentation that occurs when an IED detonates. The container itself is manufactured from a Ballistic Fiberglass tube with a gelcoat finish. The removable inner bag is made from fire retardent plastic with venting to keep it in place should a devide activate inside the container. 

Bomb Blanket

Bomb Blanket

Our Bomb Suppression Blanket and Safety Circle is made from multi layer ballistic material enclosed in a heavy duty waterproof nylon cover. The blanket is designed to suppress and containin fragments and shrapnel from explosive devices.


MailSafe 100

Internal Dimensions- 380mm x 380mm x 475mm

Physical Dimensions top opening- 680mm x 680mm x 700mm

Physical Dimensions front opening- 650mm x 700mm x 700mm

Weight- 100kgs

Rating- 235kg TNT equivalent

Bomb Bin

Height- 900mm

Inside Diameter- 517mm

Outside Diameter- 535mm

Wall- 18mm

Weight- 47kgs

Rating- 500g TNT equivalent

Bomb Blanket

Protection Level- Level 1 

Fragment Velocity- 1321 ft/sec (400 m/sec)

Standard- V20

Blacnket size - 1.25 x 1.5m

Blanket weight - 7.5kg

Circle Size - 1.25m x 200m

Circle Weight - 2.5kg

Colour - Black 

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