High Speed conveyorised X-ray scanner

The image quality is second to none, which combined with dual-energy imaging, crystal clear image optimisation and a penetration of 29mm, enables operators to easily identify target objects within items being X-rayed.

The Rapiscan 618 has a tunnel opening of: 550mm wide x 360mm high. To further reduce the amount of operating required, the Rapiscan 618 machine is only 735mm wide and when not in use, the conveyors may be folded up enabling the unit to pass through many typical doorways. As a measure of image quality, the Rapiscan 618 is UK CTP & ECAC STP Compliant.

Features and Benefits

Rapid Screening

With a conveyor speed of 0.2m per second, mail and baggage screening can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The system can accommodate volume mail, mail sacks, courier deliveries, parcels, boxes and hand luggage.

User Training

Full operator training is available to ensure staff are comfortable working the equipment and recognising X-ray shapes. X-ray image recognition charts are also available. Onboard TIP training programme is an additional software feature for ensuring user object recognition skills.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The Rapiscan 618 is designed for ease of use by non-technical staff. It has a compact design with foldable conveyor ends and large castors making it easy to move into and around the workspace.

Safe and Secure

The Rapiscan 618 meets all published international Electrical Safely and Radiation Standards and is issued with a certified Radiation Safety and Test report upon installation.

Image Enhancements and Options

The Rapiscan 618 incorporates a High Performance Dual Energy X-ray capable of penetrating up to 29mm steel and the ability to differentiate organic and inorganic materials in contrasting colours. The system produces High Resolution Images and its unique Crystal Clear Threat Visualisation Function makes threat objects more easily recognisable. Other features include multi-zoom, contrast gamma adjustment, edge sharpening, EPX, operator logon and image archiving.


Power requirements - 115/230V +/-10% 50/60Hz

Length - 2170mm (1030mm conveyor ends folded)

Width - 735mm

Height - 1368mm

Net Weight - 490kg (1078lbs)

Tunnel Size (WxH) - 550mm x 360mm

Resolution - 38 - 40 AWG

Penetration - 28-30mm steel standard, 35mm high penetration option 

Conveyor - Speed 0.2/sec. Max load 165kg

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