How to Design a Mailroom



A well designed mailroom will increase output through efficient sortation, opening and distribution of mail. An effective work flow is dependent on the design of mailroom furniture such as positing of tables, benches, sort units and other mailing equipment. Our bespoke mailroom design service will  help you organize the flow of mailroom activities to increase worker productivity and manage all mailroom applications.

Good Effecient Workflow

Improving productivity is more than just about the right piece of equipment in the right place. Mail processes are repetitive with considerable scope for human error, so it is important to provide specialist furniture and space planning ensuring staff can operate effectively during peak periods. Ergonomic fittings, correct working heights and appropriate seating improves operator comfort, morale and overall performance levels, while ensuring your mailroom is compliant with health and safety requirements. 


Things to Consider in the Design

The size of the space you have to work with and what you need to achieve are primary considerations, look at the number of mail recipients or mail points for delivery within your organisation, can these be rationalised?
Flexibility of the design is also important, your mailroom needs to be able to grow or shrink as business need demands.

Look at what you currently do and the equipment you have, what is working well or what do you think needs to change. It maybe that you can better optimise your existing set-up and only need to add some minor changes, keeping your costs lower but improving the productivity of your existing equipment and space.

More than just good ergonomics the modern mailroom combines physical and digital mail into an optimised communications workflow. Electronic document management (EDM) systems can digitise, processing and store incoming mail in just one touch. Integrating your incoming mail process with an EDM system will significantly increase the productivity, accuracy and security of documents within your organisation, while reducing the overall footprint required by traditional mail sorting and document archiving.

Mailroom Design Checklist

  • All measurements for the size and height of the room
  • Correct working heights for benches, equipment and seating
  • Number of mail recipients or mail delivery/collection points within your business
  • Preferred style of equipment and furniture
  • Old vs new - what are you keeping and what do you need

Neopost Can Offer You

  • A free mailroom consultation 
  • Our expertise on space management and document workflow 
  • Complimentary CAD drawings of what your mailroom could like
  • Product breakdowns and quotes 
  • A new modern designed room which is aesthetically pleasing
  • Custom furniture to fit your requirements  

Remember if you don't have the time to undertake designing your own mailroom or would like further help on what solutions or equipment would be right for you please call Neopost on 0800 731 1334