For busy mailrooms

Incoming mail is very important in any business, however it can also be complex and time-consuming. Invoices, payments and correspondence arrive daily and can easily stack up. Automation of this process results in a substantial saving of time so that your mail can be distributed earlier. It also reduces the likelihood of errors and increases performance. With a Neopost letter-opening system by your side, you can make the process of mail opening simpler and much faster. The IM-35 even extracts the content fully automatically


Business Benefits



Opens and presents content for easy extraction and can handle up to 2000 envelopes per hour. Extraction setting pushes contents of envelope to the optional conveyor. Unique anti-jamming device easily copes with paperclips and staples. Large hopper holds up to 300 envelopes.
Process Management

Process Management

Precisely cuts envelopes on 3 sides for easy extraction and protection of contents from damage, accurate opening method means minimal waste. Handles mixed mail without pre-sorting. ED version detects that envelopes have been emptied.


Mail reaches the addressee quicker so you can respond faster to customer communications and orders. Enhanced customer satisfaction through quicker response to enquiries and orders.
Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Saves labour opening mail and makes payment processing faster which helps cashflow.


Standard features

Large envelope hopper - Yes 

Full mixed and standard mail capability, no sorting required

Unique slicing mechanism - Yes

1, 2 or 3 sided opening - Yes

No production of scrap paper, dust and sharp edges - Yes 

Pre-programmed jobs - Yes

Document extraction - Yes

Stop counter - Yes

Batch counter Operator adjustable speed - Yes

Sensor-driven envelope transport - Yes

Low noise level - Yes

Self explanatory display - Yes

Visual contents check - Yes

Quick, safe and easy access to paper path by opening only one cover - Yes

Compact desktop system - Yes

Optional features

Electro-mechanical emptiness detection with four sensors and alarm-sound, including stop counter - Yes

Conveyor belt (max. 2) - Yes


Height - 85 - 175 mm

Width - 140 - 260 mm

Thickness - up to 4 mm

Weight - 50 - 200 gsm


Up to 2,000/hour

Conveyor belt

Length - 1182 mm


Length - 996 mm

Width - 564 mm

Height - 324 mm

Weight - 63 kg - 66 kg

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