The digital solution for improved invoice management

Invoice Manager is an online invoice scanning, indexing and management system. Designed to reduce the cost of invoice processing, it also makes archiving and retrieval easy and reduces the effort required to manage supplier or auditor enquiries. This invoicing system promotes efficiency in accounts payable departments.

3 simple steps to better invoice management

Scan invoice data 

  • Digitise invoices as they arrive 
  • Create high quality TIFF, PDF, JPEG and BMP images 
  • Emails and their attachments can be scanned as well 

Index invoices for recognition

  • Index with information captured from invoices 
  • Human aided OCR technology makes invoices easily searchable from storage
  • A few clicks confirms the data is extracted by the system 

Manage invoice storage

  • Store, retrieve or archive invoices in a structered digital library 
  • Meet HRMC guidelines for a complete audit trail 
  • Access your invoices in minutes
Faster invoice capture

Faster invoice capture

Capture invoice information and automatically classify from the data captured.
Lower storage costs

Lower storage costs

Store paper copies and save on expensive office space with digital invoices.
Easy access

Easy access

Invoice information can be accessed by authorised employees via web browser.
Improve regulatory compliance

Improve regulatory compliance

Create audit trail of invoices which helps meet HMRC regulations for storing digital invoices.