The Health Sector

Today within the health service communication takes many forms. From appointment letters to test results and maintaining engagement with communities – these forms of communication can be significant contributors to the successful running of healthcare institutions.

Missed appointments are a significant source of unnecessary cost within the NHS and efficient and accurate management of patient contact details can contribute to reducing these inefficiencies. Delivery of test results and sensitive patient data to the incorrect recipient can make headline news and such errors can result in significant financial penalties to the organisations concerned. Intelligent documents can be created and configured in such a way as to negate the possibility of such incorrect delivery.

Maintaining community communications and engagement is a key component for the successful running of Foundation Trusts. Communication processes need to be managed effectively and produced cost effectively, in order to derive the greatest return on this investment and maximise efficiency savings.

The introduction of NHS Reforms in 2013 will see a change in responsibilities for non-clinical management and procurement. Working with a partner that understands the needs of the healthcare sector will prove invaluable in managing these changes in the most effective and efficient manner.

Key challenges:

  • Cost reduction
  • Structural change
  • Financial accountability
  • Reducing waste (missed appointments/duplication/inefficiencies)
  • Health services marketing

Neopost have always been very willing to go that extra mile to understand the Hub’s challenges and provide appropriate solutions to them, with great professionalism from their sales force, engineering team and onsite support. - Hub Manager Ian Ward


White Papers

Savings in Postal communications- Download Now 

A vital component in delivering effective communications is to construct a robust communications delivery strategy. In this white paper from Neopost we have shared insight into how the Health Sector can introduce such strategies, to realise efficiency savings. The white paper introduces various areas of consideration and how short, medium and long term strategies can be deployed.

Postal and Communication Strategies within the NHS- Download Now 

Neopost, in conjunction with Government Policy Hub, commissioned research into communications processes and activities are deployed within Health Sector. The research covers current and future activities and insight into key areas impact upon the delivery of effective communications.

Channel Shift within the NHS-Download Now 

Channel Shift, or the migration to digital services, is a key priority for authorities. In light of governmental pressures, around digital by default, authorities should look to introduce further digital services in order to reduce costs and increase citizen engagement. Communications and document delivery and management can be a significant contributor to Channel Shift. In this new White Paper from Neopost, we discuss how the public sector can deploy Channel Shift initiatives and also the benefits that can be derived.