In the current climate the third sector is facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining donations. Maintaining contributions is difficult and supporters are increasingly sophisticated in demanding insight into where and how donations are being used.

In order to meet these demands regular communications are essential, in order to maintain engagement. This increasing frequency need not come at a significant increase in cost. Reducing inefficiencies and introducing automation and preference driven delivery can increase effectiveness significantly.

Using technology to manage marketing communications in essential in today’s environment. Equally, increasing measurement of marketing expenditure and response to effectively understand ROI is essential in effectively managing marketing investment going forward.

Key Challenges 

  • Delivering frontline services for less
  • Cost reduction
  • Balancing cost & income
  • Lean strategies

White Papers

Savings in Postal Communications- Download Now 

A vital component in delivering effective communications is to construct a robust communications delivery strategy. In this white paper from Neopost we have shared insight into how Charities can introduce such strategies, to realise efficiency savings. The white paper introduces various areas of consideration and how short, medium and long term strategies can be deployed.

Single Donor View for CRM Systems White Paper- Download now 

Channel Shift for charities- Download now 

Channel Shift, or the migration to digital services, is a key priority for authorities. In light of governmental pressures, around digital by default, authorities should look to introduce further digital services in order to reduce costs and increase citizen engagement. Communications and document delivery and management can be a significant contributor to Channel Shift. In this new White Paper from Neopost, we discuss how the public sector can deploy Channel Shift initiatives and also the benefits that can be derived.