Maximise postage discounts, boost productivity and go digital

Whatever you send or receive, by mail or email,  Neopost can help you reduce document processing and distribution costs:-

  • Maximise postage discounts through Mailmark franking and Royal Mail volume terms
  • Our customer address accuracy software improves deliverability and reduces waste
  • Save storage space by adopting paperless processess and digitising documents with Neopost Electronic Document Management software
  • Transition to lower cost digital communications with Neopost Output Management Software
  • Save time, boost productivity and avoid costly errors by using our folder inserters to automate collation & envelope filling and our letter openers to process incoming mail

The Neopost Guide to Cost Reduction

Download our white paper for expert advice on how to:

  • Reduce inventory and document storage space 
  • Cut waste and material costs 
  • Avoid expensive fines for mishandling customer communications
  • Improve cashflow 
  • Avoid losses and delays 
  • Minimise postage costs 


Mail Still Matters and We Can Help You Save!        


 Are you spending too much on your postage?

Our infographic takes you through simple steps to make sure you minimise postage costs. Whether you are a stamp user or already have a franking machine, we show you how to access Pricing in Proportion discounts,  maximise postage discounts, save VAT on selected Royal Mail services and achieve volume discounts of up to 23.5% off standard franked prices. 


Save Time with Neopost 

Our guide to improved efficiency will help you free up staff for more valuable tasks:

  • Apply intelligent software 
  • Automate manual tasks 
  • Avoid human error 
  • Speed up document processing, archiving and retrieval 
  • Integrate solutions into a process 
  • Centralise production and distribution of customer communications