Will you cope with the parcel influx from this years’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


With the shopping season just around the corner the amount we’re set to have delivered – increasingly to the workplace – is set to be higher than ever before

If last year is anything to go by, offices and other workplaces around the country should brace themselves for a substantial spike in package deliveries following this years’ forthcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events.

For example, according to the Office for National Statistics, November 2018 saw an 11% increase in online sales of electrical household appliances. It’s not likely that many people had discounted white goods or 4K TVs delivered to their workplaces, but laptop computers and high-end smartphones were said to have also driven sales.

These are the kinds of high-value items that typically require a signature on delivery, and are small enough for people to carry home from work once they’ve had them delivered. Such behaviour can create additional risks in office environments, with people signing for items on other-people’s behalf, and items then not being stored securely.

Thankfully, there are two important ways for organisations to cope with the additional demands that all this puts on mailrooms.

Mail and Package Tracking Systems

Tracking systems that are used to scan and then track and record the location of parcels within a business remove the need for manual, time consuming categorisation, providing recipients with up-to-the-minute information on the whereabouts of their items.

Information including time, date and serial number can all be recorded and stored in a central database. This data can also be very important in enabling businesses to carefully analyse their processes, identifying where bottlenecks exist and how best to remove them.

Parcel Lockers

Automated parcel lockers are an ideal solution for busy organisations, as they enable the secure storage and distribution of large volumes of inbound parcels. A user interface that allows customers to track their parcels, and that informs them of the arrival time of their parcel, enables self-service processes that reduce the strain on administrators. Furthermore, lockers mitigate the requirements for wider, internal post distribution and logistics, as recipients can pick up parcels at a centralised location at convenient times, massively reducing disruption throughout the working day.

Similarly to tracking solutions, parcel lockers can provide businesses with valuable data, including delivery and pickup status, providing insights which can improve the delivery processes of many organisations.

With the shopping season imminent, organisations should ensure that systems are in place to alleviate cause for concern over mailroom strain and capacity.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you tackle the demands that Black Friday and Cyber Monday could place on your postal processes, click here to find out about mail and package tracking, and here for more details on our intelligent parcel lockers.

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