Three reasons to stay in love with print

Three reasons to stay in love with print


Despite the ever-rising popularity of digital channels, traditional physical mail is still a critical aspect of business communications. Some things will forever be better sent and received in the mail. Here’s three reasons why your business should stay in love with print.

Say something special

Cost per message to send something in print is always going to be higher than with any digital channels. There are raw materials, higher production design costs, printing and postage to consider. The question is; are your customers worth it? Will they feel valued and appreciate that you have gone to the extra effort and investment? Of course, it would be unsustainable to conduct all communications in print, but to say something impactful or make your customers feel that they have been sent something special, sometimes only print will do.

Say something different

Chances are that print will be one of numerous channels by which customers are engaged with. Having a multi-channel communications strategy provides businesses with a platform for conducting sophisticated communications campaigns that deliver subtly different or complimentary messages via a range of channels. With print in play, businesses can conduct campaigns that enable them to say something different via print, enhancing and emphasizing marketing messages or tying together brand communications in unique and interesting ways.

Say something important

The old adage goes ‘it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it’, meaning that appearances are everything. This is especially true where it comes to saying something formal, important or sincere. Just like some things really shouldn’t be said over text message, there will be a variety of communications that will always benefit from being sent in print. That’s why the global greeting card industry is worth billions – just think how many Valentines cards were sent and received earlier this month!

Whatever the occasion, meeting customers’ preferences and expectations of communications delivers a better experience for superior customer engagement. To find out more, take a look at how output management software can help you carefully orchestrate your communications strategy across multiple channels at once.     

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