Royal Mail price changes – not long left

Royal Mail price changes – not long left


In just one week, on the 23rd March 2020 the Royal Mail is due to update its tariff prices. The good news for Mailmark customers is that they continue to keep their franking costs down, with savings compared to standard franking and even bigger savings compared to using stamps.

Mailmark makes for convenient franking too, because the tariff update to Quadient’s Mailmark franking machines is automatic, provided they are always connected to the internet (LAN). If you prefer to manually download the tariff change to your Mailmark franking machine from Quadient, don’t forget that you can review our download instructions to help you do this.

For all customers, don’t forget that if you need further assistance to make these updates, you can call our dedicated tariff change team on 0845 880 0000 (option 0).

So, what is Mailmark?

Mailmark is the most up-to-date franking impression that, through a 2D barcode, carries more information about the item being sent. It saves your business money because it offers the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services. With a Mailmark franking machine you can upload credit as you need it, to keep control of and track your postage spend and to monitor usage across your business. 

The Royal Mail website has a range of quick guides and 'how to' videos as well as a ‘top tips’ poster to help you when it comes to preparing and posting your franked mail. These resources can give you the guidance you need to make the right choices, and save time, when preparing mail for posting.   
You can also get more information on Royal Mail’s franking services and Mailmark from the Royal Mail website and discover how Quadient can help you streamline your outgoing mail management by finding out about our intelligent Mailmark franking machines.

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