Royal Mail keeps on delivering for traditional mail and franking machine users

Royal Mail delivers for mail and franking machine users


All businesses need to be able to count on the swift and reliable delivery of their communications. Product brochures, invoices, quotes and all the many other critical business mailings – they must all reach their destination when the business needs them to. Customer satisfaction and business reputation – not to mention revenue – depends on it.

Statistics that prove Royal Mail is number one

Therefore, it’s good to know that Royal Mail keeps on delivering for UK businesses. In fact, it achieved above-target results for delivery of both First and Second Class mail in the first half of this financial year.

93.4% of First Class mail was delivered the next working day and

98.9% of Second Class mail within three working days.

That’s according to the Royal Mail’s latest Quality of Service report. Impressive, considering Royal Mail delivers around 16 billion items of mail a year and has the highest quality of service specification compared to Germany, France, Spain and Italy. This is, of course, great news for all of Royal Mail’s customers, whether users of traditional mail or franking machines.

Making the most of Mailmark

When Royal Mail’s stats are combined with our range of smart Mailmark franking machines, businesses are provided with a simple, cost-effective, professional and quick means of dispatching mail. Furthermore, with access to exclusive Royal Mail Mailmark tariffs, users can be sure they’re paying the right postage at the right cost, all the while never having to leave the office to queue at the Post Office. Once companies have completed the ‘hard work’, they can just sit back and let Royal Mail take care of the rest.

Unsure how one of our smart Mailmark franking machines can enhance your mailing process? Why not request a free quote from one of our dedicated specialists!

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