Parcels piling up in the mailroom?


Packcity by Neopost is an intelligent parcel locker service that helps organisations to manage incoming parcels easily and efficiently.

This automated solution optimises the management of incoming parcels, freeing up time for staff to spend on more value-added tasks, as well as precious storage space in the mailroom. It’s also convenient for parcel recipients - pick-up takes seconds and the secure lockers are accessible 24/7.

Six reasons to take a closer look at Packcity - intelligent parcel locker solution:

1. Optimise the mailroom 

Expand mailroom capacity and free up resources. An easy-to-use interface allows staff to track parcels and inform recipients in real-time when they arrive. 

2. Save time and space

Remove clutter from reception and save space in the mailroom, Packcity enables you to store and distribute a large volume of incoming parcels. Plus, by automating the process, staff spend less time managing and distributing inbound parcels and eliminates the need for re-deliveries.

3. Mitigate risk

Packages no longer hang around at receptions or in mailrooms. Furthermore, employees don’t need to supervise parcels and assume responsibility for managing sensitive, valuable or urgent packages. 

4. Store packages safely until pick-up

The modular multi-sized electronic lockers with full reporting and tracking are protected from theft. Package is delivered and placed into the parcel locker and recipient receives notification of the delivery via email and enters one-time PIN code on the touch screen and electronically signs.

5. Improve customer engagement 

Increase the satisfaction of students, faculty and staff by optimising their time with this convenient 24/7 service.

6. Parcels Available 24/7

Make life easier for your internal customers. 24/7 accessibility ensures quick access to packages and important mail items as soon as they arrive. Parcel recipients receive an email informing them that their parcel has arrived, then simply enter a unique code on the touch-screen to open the relevant box and retrieve their package.



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