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Maintaining visibility and control

Companies that adopt multi-channel communications will see increases in customer loyalty and satisfaction as contacts are contacted via the method that suits them. However, without proper management it can provide challenges around visibility and control.

Reasons to Choose Intelligent Envelope Filling

Keep your customers happy by making sure that invoices or confidential information go to the right person. Neopost Output Management Software can generate intelligent barcodes to manage envelope filling so the right number and type of documents and materials are correctly inserted to envelopes...
Three communication tips to guarantee business growth

Three communication tips to guarantee business growth

As the workplace becomes increasingly digitised, the way businesses communicate with their customers and partners is evolving – from the traditional physical posting of documents and faxing, to more modern methods of digital communication, such as emails and social media. A big problem is that...

Give the people what they want – how and when you want them to have it!

How well do you know your customers? In an age of greater choice and declining brand loyalty, customer knowledge is rightly seen as fundamental to business success. Understanding what your customers want is the keystone of good customer service.


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