Be Kit Smart with Multi-Channel Communications

Be Kit Smart with Multi-Channel Communications

To produce your multi-channel communications strategy you must first understand the role and importance of the available channels. Once you have this, you can effectively construct and implement your programme. To help you do this, in this concluding blog in the series, we look at how to plan multi...

10 reasons why you need output management software

Output management software (OMS) is the descriptive, but not very catchy, term used for solutions that centralise and automate part, or all, of the processes required to produce digital and hard-copy customer communications, including document design, processing, production, dispatch and archiving.
Maintaining a consistent corporate identity

Maintaining a consistent corporate identity

OMS’ integrated document design feature enables businesses to centralise the creation of customer communications, standardising document layout which ensures a consistent professional corporate image.
Making better use of resources

Making better use of resources

Enjoy economies of scale and simpler management through centralisation
Saving cash

Saving cash

Hand-in-hand with productivity enhancements are big cost savings- not just from increased efficency, but also the use of digital messaging.
Boosting productivity

Boosting Productivity

OMS increases productivity by reducing manual process.

Personalising communications to build customer loyalty

Customers want to feel valued and personalised communications is key to achieving this. OMS enables businesses to do this in a variety of ways, from changing greetings on letters, to varying the offers, promotions and marketing material sent to each customer.

Save time, cut costs and improve your mailings

You'll be surprised how much difference a Folder Inserter and Output Management Software could make to your business. As well as automating tedious manual tasks you can effortlessly improve the accuracy and professionalism of your mailings.

Ensuring compliance

Full electronic audit trails are becoming a necessity as regulations increasingly demand proof of document validity. For example, the EU e-invoicing directive outlines that each invoice must be electronically certified to prove that it has not been altered from its initial issuing.

Maintaining visibility and control

Companies that adopt multi-channel communications will see increases in customer loyalty and satisfaction as contacts are contacted via the method that suits them. However, without proper management it can provide challenges around visibility and control.


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