Managing multi-channel business comms from any location

Managing multi-channel business comms from any location


As businesses and other organisations around the world rapidly adapt to remote working and social distancing, valid concerns will arise around ensuring continuity and fulfillment in all but the most basic communications strategies. As the uncertain and continuously evolving situation develops, automation will play an important role.  

With many office workers around the world suddenly finding themselves having to work from home indefinitely, the coming weeks will require an enormous amount of adaption and change.

Despite any uncertainty over how long or far-reaching the changes will need to be, communication with employees and customers will build in importance.   

As a result of the temporarily remote nature of a lot of working, automation and outsourcing will have an important role to play in the end-to-end process of delivering timely and professional communications.

Where organisations may currently find it difficult or impossible to print and distribute printed communications, by moving to outsourced physical mail processes, businesses can still retain control of design and content of communications, without having to organise physically printing, inserting into envelopes and distributing letters and other printed materials themselves. The same systems can also extend to incorporate email, text or even fax, supporting a professional, integrated, multi-channel communications strategy.

Some other benefits of the outsourced approach include:

Improved productivity – Manual mail prep is done for you, allowing you to focus on the more important tasks necessary to support your business. Plus, savings on postage costs can be achieved by grouping mail for the same recipient into single envelopes.

Traceability – Some solutions offer tracking of printed documents with a unique identifier, allowing for real-time status of individual pieces of mail.

If you are struggling with maintaining communications through changing working practises, visit the link below where you can find out more information about our Neotouch solution.

Neotouch is the simple way to manage all stages of mail production and distribution from your desk. You simply create the documents you want to send and transmit electronically to our facility where we will print, insert in envelopes, distribute and archive.

Visit our dedicated page here - - where you can watch a short video explaining how Neotouch works, as well as to request a free online consultation.

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