Make better use of resources

Making better use of resources


Enjoy economies of scale and simpler management through centralisation

Reasons to choose output management software- Reason 9

OMS enables businesses to make better use of their resources by centralising and simplifying communication processes. Organisations with multiple branch offices don’t have to install printing and mailing equipment in every office, or put up with slower, less productive devices. With OMS, all documents can be processed and dispatched centrally.

Furthermore, as well as reducing support requirements in branches, centralisng communications also means that businesses will benefit from economies of scale. Able to make use of larger, more productive mailroom solutions, organisations can send greater volumes of mail in order to maximise the opportunity for Royal Mail discounts.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the Hybrid Mail feature of our Print Machine or OMS-500 enables the outsourcing of printing and mailing to a Neopost UK mail centre.

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