Mailmark users continue to enjoy big savings

Mailmark users continue to enjoy big savings


Back in January, Royal Mail increased the prices of its wholesale and retail bulk mail tariffs across all classes by 0.5 percent to 1.9 percent. The rise in tariffs made all businesses – in particular those with a high volume of mail output – re-evaluate their mailing processes in a bid to control increasing cost. 

Firms use the Royal Mail bulk mail channel to communicate key messages every day and, to provide greater value to those companies, Royal Mail invested £70 million into improving the offering. Consequently, Mailmark is now available for high volume, high quality machines. Ensuring greater savings for retail and wholesale customers, users are provided with the lowest tariff on the market. In fact, the cost per item is around four percent cheaper than the next price band.

The benefits of Mailmark stretch beyond the lower tariffs though. Businesses add intelligence to their mailing process via the integrated barcode technology. Users can track where their mail is, know when it’s going to be delivered and find out if there are any issues with data quality, such as incorrect addresses. Furthermore, they gain access to Royal Mail’s online analytics dashboard which provides detailed reporting to batch and item level.


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