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Royal Mail’s franking prices set to change

Royal Mail’s franking prices set to change: keep saving with Mailmark

Royal Mail has announced an update to its tariffs, due to come into effect on 25 March 2019.
Say it with a card this Christmas

Say it with a card this Christmas

Digital communications has changed the way we keep in touch in our business and personal lives but when it comes to Christmas greetings, traditional mail is still the best. According to Royal Mail research, 72 percent of people who celebrate Christmas prefer receiving a traditional card to getting...
Royal Mail keeps on delivering for traditional mail and franking machine users

Royal Mail delivers for mail and franking machine users

All businesses need to be able to count on the swift and reliable delivery of their communications. Product brochures, invoices, quotes and all the many other critical business mailings – they must all reach their destination when the business needs them to. Customer satisfaction and business...
Open doors for your business

Open doors for your business

What’s the best way to keep in touch with your customers? It’s often hard to know with so many options on offer. From emails to social posts, there have never been so many ways to communicate. But do any of these new channels work as effectively as a piece of emotive mail?

Mailmark users continue to enjoy big savings

Back in January, Royal Mail increased the prices of its wholesale and retail bulk mail tariffs across all classes by 0.5 percent to 1.9 percent. The rise in tariffs made all businesses – in particular those with a high volume of mail output – re-evaluate their mailing processes in a bid to control...

Now there are even more benefits to Mailmark®

With the recent increase in bulk mail pricing using Neopost Mailmark Software becomes an even more economical and efficient way of sending high volumes of mail. Mailmark also offers the lowest tariffs on the market... 3.5% cheaper than the net tariff on every item of mail!

Reasons to Choose a Mailmark Franking Machine

Franking machine users receive savings on every item of mail sent versus stamps. The discounts don't stop there! By formatting mail to be read and validated by Royal Mail's automated sorting technology, your business could be entitled to postal discounts of up to 34% off standard mailing costs...

A barcode can ensure that your mail delivers the goods

In January 2016, Royal Mail increased the prices of its wholesale and retail bulk mail tariffs across all classes by 0.5% to 1.9%. While the rise was below the level of previous years, businesses are becoming more conscious of the money they are spending when communicating with customers and...

Royal Mail Announce Price Change

Royal Mail have announced that franking postage prices will change from 29th March 2016. Full pricing details will be announced at the end of February, and to receive new pricing information straight to your inbox enter your details at

What Mailmark Means for You

Last year, Royal Mail introduced new franking machine technology that replaces the familiar 'town and crown' die with a two-dimensional barcode containing information unique to each mail piece.


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