Mail threats: a rare but serious problem

Mail threats: a rare but serious problem


Suspicious items arriving in post rooms present a serious risk and any threats must be acted on immediately. Such items could pose an explosive or biological threat to employees. Fortunately, such occurrences are rare but if they happen, action must be swift and decisive to protect mail handlers and all building occupants from potential harm. In some instances, it is necessary to call in the police and, if the situation warrants it, bomb disposal experts may even be required.

This spring, two universities and a bank had to be evacuated after suspicious packages were received. Other instances in the UK have targeted transportation hubs.

The best possible outcome is that a suspicious package turns out to be a false alarm. However, such a result doesn’t change the fact that distress and disruption will still have been felt across the organisation.

Explosive, incendiary, poisonous or otherwise harmful substances being sent to addresses threaten the safety of everyone there. Protecting individuals from coming to harm as a result is of paramount importance. So too is security and peace of mind for post room workers. They must be vigilant but may be handling large volumes of incoming packages, parcels and regular mail on a daily basis.

Specialist equipment can help detect dangerous items to support post room workers and help protect building occupants and property. In this, it can help mitigate the risk of disruption caused by suspicious packages.  

Sadly, the risk of dangerous items being delivered to the post rooms of enterprises and other large buildings poses an ongoing threat. If you consider your organisation could potentially be at risk, and you’d like to find out about security scanners that can help detect dangerous items you can take a look at our range and download a brochure.


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