Get ready for Royal Mail tariff changes

Get ready for Royal Mail tariff changes and keep saving with Mailmark


Royal Mail’s updated tariffs come into effect on 25th March 2019. Mailmark customers will continue to keep their franking costs down with savings compared to standard franking, and even bigger savings compared to using stamps.  

From 25th March, there will be a 20p saving between a franked Mailmark 2nd Class letter compared to using a stamp, and a 9p saving between a franked Mailmark 1st Class letter and a stamp.

Be ready for 25th March

For Mailmark customers, updates are automatic, provided your Mailmark franking machine is always connected to the internet (LAN), but if you prefer to manually download your tariff change, have a look at our download instructions.

If you’re using a standard or smart meter machine, take a look at the instructions on how to make the change for your model included with our information on the tariff change.

Any customers requiring further assistance can call our dedicated tariff change team on 0845 880 0000 (option 0).

Mailmark: cost savings and more besides

If you’re considering making the switch from standard franking to Mailmark and want to know more about what it has to offer, here are some of the benefits:

  • Cost savings – Mailmark offers the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services, helping companies manage the cost of staying in touch
  • Fast and efficient mail processing - easy automatic selection of Royal Mail products and services helps save you time when preparing outgoing mail 
  • Create the right impression – a professional look to your franked mail conveys the right image. Add your company logo to reinforce your brand
  • Visibility and insight - Mailmark offers the potential to track mail location and delivery and improve reporting and management of tariffs. With Mailmark, you can track your postage spend and monitor usage across the business.

You can find more information on Royal Mail’s franking services and technology at: To find out how Neopost can help you get the most value from your franked mail, take a look at our intelligent Mailmark franking machines.

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