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Be clear on postage spend

Be clear on postage spend

Managing costs is a vital aspect of business . Every activity can produce a cost and, no matter how insignificant, when they’re allowed to spiral they can eat away at a company’s bottom line.
Support the Royal British Legion by adding a Poppy to your franked mail

Support the Royal British Legion by adding a Poppy to your franked mail

In the year of it’s creation (1921) the Royal British Legion sold nine million specially hand made silk poppies. The funds collected were used to help World War One veterans with employment and housing and a new tradition started. This year, Neospost customer can start a new tradition and add a...
Avoid unnecessary costs this summer by franking your mail right every time

Avoid unnecessary costs this summer by franking your mail right every time

Royal Mail see a higher number of mistakes made during the holidays. By choosing the right options and avoiding mistakes when using your franking machine to send mail, you will save time and money. We’re here to help you frank correctly first time every time.
Be Kit Smart with Multi-Channel Communications

Be Kit Smart with Multi-Channel Communications

To produce your multi-channel communications strategy you must first understand the role and importance of the available channels. Once you have this, you can effectively construct and implement your programme. To help you do this, in this concluding blog in the series, we look at how to plan multi...

Franking: miles better for productivity

UK office workers walk more than 5 kilometres to and from the office franking machine every year. But that's nothing compared to the distance covered – and time wasted – by users of stamps.

Reasons to Choose a Mailmark Franking Machine

Franking machine users receive savings on every item of mail sent versus stamps. The discounts don't stop there! By formatting mail to be read and validated by Royal Mail's automated sorting technology, your business could be entitled to postal discounts of up to 34% off standard mailing costs...

Royal Mail’s tariff changes come into effect, remember to update your software!

On 26th February 2016, Royal Mail announced that it would be changing its tariffs across stamps and franking machines, and those changes have now come into effect. The price of stamps (first, second and large letters) have all increased by 1p, as have the franking machine rates across all classes...

Royal Mail postage price announcement underpins the benefits of switching to Mailmark franking

Royal Mail has recently published their 2016 pricing for franking which becomes effective on Tuesday 29th March 2016. Under the new Royal Mail tariff, Mailmark franking machine users will enjoy discounts on the price of a Stamp of as much as 32% for a 2nd Class letter and over 20% for a 1st Class...

Royal Mail Announce Price Change

Royal Mail have announced that franking postage prices will change from 29th March 2016. Full pricing details will be announced at the end of February, and to receive new pricing information straight to your inbox enter your details at

Neopost help businesses grow

Neopost’s wide range of equipment and software can help businesses win new customers and sell more to existing customers


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