Face-to-face trumps email for customer communications

Face-to-face trumps email for customer communications


When talking face-to-face isn't possible, email comes out on top as the preferred means of communication for small businesses in the UK.

In a survey of UK office workers by Business Info magazine, email was selected as one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers, second only to face-to-face interaction. Phone calls came in third place, followed by mail.

When it comes to invoicing, there is a clear preference for instant digital communications; a massive 87% prefer to send invoices by email rather than in the post. Almost as many (85%) prefer to receive their invoices by email.

Despite the popularity of email there are some documents office workers still prefer to be mailed. A number of respondents said they always choose to receive contracts and documents with sensitive information by post; a few still like to receive brochures, leaflets, catalogues and magazines in printed form.

Just because email is your favourite means of communication doesn't necessarily mean it's your customers'. Understanding your customers' preferred channel is crucial to effective, impactful communications and customer satisfaction.

Neopost's OMS-500 multichannel software solution enables businesses to deliver communications to customers through their preferred channel, whether that be mail, email, web portal or SMS. It simplifies the management of multi-channel communications, saving businesses time and improving productivity.

Businesses can use OMS-500 to create engaging and personalised documents, factoring in the individual preferences of customers to ensure they are sent to the right person, at the right time by the right channel.

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