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How can Robotic Process Automation improve business processes?

How can Robotic Process Automation improve business processes

To stay competitive, companies continually strive to increase productivity, control costs and provide an excellent customer experience . By improving business processes, gains can be made in all of these areas and for this reason, businesses are looking at what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can...
Neopost on the box! Digitisation in the public sector

Neopost on the box! Digitisation in the public sector

On Sunday 15 th July, we took part in a Propeller TV programme exploring digitisation in the public sector. The programme examined how front line services could be enhanced through the adoption of digital technology.
Digitisation for SME’s

Digitisation for SME’s

In survey after survey, it is cited as the key strategic focus/challenge of our times, ahead of critical factors such as regulation and customer knowledge. Less surprising than this new-found urgency is why it has taken so long for organisations to appreciate the benefits that digitisation brings...

When customer choice is a matter of life and death

For a long time, Neopost has been urging public and private sector customers to take into account the communications preferences of customers to improve customer service levels, generate better responses and reduce costs. Now, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is saying that doing...

Making the case for 'faster and fairer' business

Speaking at the Legatum Institute on June 23, in his first speech as Justice Secretary, Michael Gove outlined how he intends to deliver 'faster and fairer justice'. Implicit in his choice of words is the notion that faster does not, per se, mean fairer. In fact, it very often means the opposite.
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