Poor addressing can damage business

Absolutely criminal - Is Poor Addressing Damaging Your Business?


Absolutely criminal - Is Poor Addressing Damaging Your Business?

On the surface, a blog about Addressing Software is not initially the most dynamic of topics. However, upon closer inspection the importance of accurate addressing soon becomes clear and the waste involved can be criminal!

For example, Royal Mail destroys on average 25 million letters, packets and parcels every year due to errors in the postal address. A staggering figure to say the least. That's nearly 70,000 missed opportunities every day of the year.

Declining CRM Value

Now most of these won't be handwritten birthday cards for Auntie Mabel. It should come as no surprise that the majority of this is business mail. Beyond postage costs, this undelivered mail leads to damaged reputations and the continued degradation of CRM data. Business database’s degrade at a rate of about 34% per year so postal and contact data can quickly become out of date if not properly maintained.

DM Bouncing Back

Well managed Direct Mail campaigns as a form of customer engagement and prospecting are having a renaissance in the UK as businesses come to realise they have been too overdependent on e-shots and Google rankings whilst ignoring this tried and tested communication tool. That's why it is vital to make sure that your CRM data is well maintained and that your address data is as accurate as possible. Otherwise businesses are throwing money away. You wouldn't throw a £1 coin in the bin! Which, when you think about the full cost of sending out a brochure is probably about right.

However, there is a solution to this figurative and quite literal mountain of wasted opportunity.

Neopost has a range of Advanced Mailing Software tools to ensure your customer database, mailings and new records match the most recent Royal Mail PAF files so you can cut the cost of returned mail and take advantage of Royal Mail postal discounts for volume mails.

For more information about Neopost’s range of Data Accuracy Software visit www.neopost.co.uk/data-software/customer-data-accuracy


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