A Day working at Neopost

After working in the mailing industry for eight years for a competitor in various sales roles including Sales Trainee, Sales Executive, Consultant and Sales Manager I was looking to further my career. Having been in the industry for some time I was very aware that Neopost were a fast growing organisation and increasing in market share every year.

I have very strong personal values and I believe that my success has been down to my strong customer focus, ownership of my work and my honesty and integrit. When considering Neopost I came to understand that their intrinsic values and culture reflected my own and governs how they operate as a business.

I have always been a very ambitious person and I found out that Neopost had doubled in size in very short period of time and were ambitious in their growth plan as a company and I realised I wanted to a part of that culture.

I came to Neopost in 2007 as a Sales Manager, making clear my desire to progress; within in four months of being a Sales Manager I was given the opportunity to move into the HR department to source Neopost sales talent and reduce attrition.

In conclusion Neopost has given me the opportunity to diversify my career and develop my skills. I work in a fantastic environment were people care about their work and the difference it can make. Neopost is a company that rewards those who are committed, hard working and forward thinking.